[2+3 Pack] LK 2 Pack Screen Protector Compatible with Samsung Galaxy A32 5G + 3 Pack Lens Protector with Alignment Tool, 9H Tempered Glass, Anti-Scratch, Anti-Glare, Bubble Free, Immaculate Cutting
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Product Features

Simplicity Meets Function

Driven by the design philosophy that less is more, we create products that are simple in forms but rich in functions. No unnecessary bulks or fussy designs, we create products that are simple, easy to use, and fit modern society.

Affordable Prices

LK helps you save your money by providing products from manufacturers directly to your front door. No fancy showrooms. No middlemen. No advertising and promotion expenses. These savings are passed along to you at low prices.

Highly Rated by Customers

We insist in providing fantastic products as well as reliable customer service. Frequent repeat shoppers and our highly rated reviews prove that we take things a step further to exceed — rather than just meet — expectations.

Comprehensive Quality Control

Through following comprehensive quality control, all LK products are guaranteed to be premium. We strictly select and evaluate suppliers, inspect flow of production, test sample quality, spot-check products, and track after sales, ensuring every product meets standards and your requirement.

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Perfect Fit: This screen protector combo is only compatible with Samsung Galaxy A32 5G. Please check your phone model before purchasing. Improved Protection: Unlike other plastic-made lens protectors, LK aluminum-alloy-made camera lens protector provides better protection to your lens, which keeps the lens from scratches, water spots & dust. 9H Tempered Glass Materials: Superior 9H tempered glass features as scratch-resistant, shatterproof & anti-glare. Case-Friendly Design: This product is designed to be compatible with most cases. Extra space is left around the borders for your case to wrap around the edges of your mobile without interfering with the screen protector. Easy Installation: The screen protector will attach to the screen easily and perfectly with the installation frame. When installing the camera lens protector, please make sure the camera lens protector is aligned with the camera lens of the phone.