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Our Story

Our Story

In 2014, we launched the screen protectors for the iPhone 5 series in the Amazon market, which was also the first product of LK. Like many startups, we started off from a small workshop with only one product and 2 brothers who wanted to provide solutions for problems in daily life, so that you can enjoy a better mobile devices experience. Relying on help from friends, family, and like-minded strangers, we gradually brought LK from a small idea to reality. Today, we have grown into a global company with hundrends of members, specializing in protective films, cases, and wireless charger for mobile phones and watches. With products prevailing among a variety of countries and regions like America and Europe, LK has gained the love and trust of hundreds of millions of fans.

Our Value

At LK, we approach our work with long-lasting passion and an open mind. Whatever we do, we do it well and with the same passion and energy, and we hope we can bring premium mobile device accessories to everyone in need. Whether you’re a busy city dweller or a daring outdoor adventurer, you can use your mobile devices without limitations. After years of deep cultivation, LK has become synonymous with superior mobile device protection. Along the way, some core values that unite the whole LK team have defined everything we do

Make “wow” products.

Obsess over the details.

Do best for the customers, not for us.

All decisions we make are to elevate your using experience of mobile devices, and we are hopeful that you will feel them from every interaction with us and every product you receive. 

Our Mission

Looking forward, we are keeping true to our roots--making LK to be the world’s leading brand of premium screen protectors, protective cases, and wireless chargers for mobile devices. We will constantly innovate and develop new products and new designs to pace up with the upgrading of mobile technology while listening to our customers and their needs. We are eternally grateful to the original backers of LK for your firm support and valuable product using experience, and today many of you are still fans of LK, which is more meaningful and happier for us. Customers are always our top priority on our way to progress.


Customers reviews

I recommend this to anyone who struggles with trying to align screen protectors or has issues with bubbles staying behind. I was surprised with their trick of using the snug frame, good job on that! Will be looking forward to buying this product again for the next iphone 14.
I’ve gone through 3 different brands of full face watch cases and this one is superior to all. I can type with no touch connectivity issues and it stays on my watch even when I run into door frames. ...Bonus, each pack has TWO case protectors. I still ordered an extra pack since I can be rather clumsy. This case is just perfect and looks beautiful on my 7.
I absolutely loved how simple the installation for the screen protector is. It's all organized in the box and the video is easy to follow. ...This company will be my go to for now on! Especially because they offer a lifetime guarantee... and free stickers 🙂
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