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LK-Direct Apple-Watch-41-Silicone-Strap-Tempered-Case-Video-Cover
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Your Daily Sports Watch Case & Bands

Confidently wrap your wrist with LK watch bands for Apple Watch Series 7. Whether you’re getting your sweat on in the gym or lazing on the couch, you will feel good all day and forget that’s a watch on. And scratches on the screen? No way.

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LK-Direct Our Story

Our Story

In 2014, we launched the screen protectors for the iPhone 5 series in the Amazon market, which was also the first product of LK. Like many startups…

Our Value

At LK, we approach our work with long-lasting passion and an open mind. Whatever we do, we do it well and with the same passion and energy, and we hope we can bring premium… 

LK-Direct Our Value
LK-Direct Our Mission

Our Mission

Looking forward, we are keeping true to our roots–making LK to be the world’s leading brand of premium screen protectors, protective cases, and wireless chargers for mobile devices. We will …

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